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Paddle Boarding Near Montrose Co – Lower Gunnison River

Paddle Boarding Near Montrose Co – Lower Gunnison River

Day-trip Adventure – Classic South West

Montrose-Co-Paddle-boarding-6The lower Gunnison River is just a short drive from Montrose Colorado and provides an intermediate experience for paddle boarders tired of the flat water lake scene. This section of class II river provides some challenging riffle sections that make for an epic day-trip adventure through classic South West sandstone canyons.

Keep an eye our for bald eagles, golden eagles, petroglyphs, collared lizards, and really serious fly fisherman. The lower Gunnison River is a great section for developing your river paddle board skills as this section is very wide and fairly deep. Expect to encounter classic desert beauty, clear crisp water, and hot weather.

The Details

Montrose-Co-Paddle-boarding-2The put-in is at Pleasure Park, near Hotchkiss Colorado. Several take-outs can be utilized, including Cottonwood, Orchard, or Austin Bridge. From start to finish, it takes about 4 hours to arrive at the Austin Bridge depending on play time and flows. If you need directions or SUP rentals, call Bill at Montrose Kayak and Surf: 970-279-8730.

The shuttle can be set up through Gunnison River Pleasure Park: 970-872-2525. Another option is to just take 2 vehicles and more friends.

Please practice leave-no-trace ethics. If you come across beer cans, fishing line, or other trash, please pick it up and take it with you. This river section is notorious for the crap people leave behind; let’s be the solution.


Montrose-Co-Paddle-boarding-1SOL Paddleboard Company in Telluride makes a few models that are perfect for this section including the SOLtrain and SOLsumo models. Wear a helmet and PFD for falls. Chacos are highly recomended as well. A leash is also necessary so you don’t lose your board and have to chase it for a mile in the desert sun. Bring lots of beverages and water to stay hydrated, snacks, sunscreen, and a dry bag with warm clothes in case the weather get bad. Lastly, beware of the poison-ivy.


Once you have this river section down and can run it without falling, the Uncompahgre River through Montrose Colorado may be the next level of progression in your SUP river skills.


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Paddle Boarding the Colorado River

sup-moab-paddleboard-utah It’s cold at night, windy in the day, and the ski season is over. What’s a Montrose local, who is looking for adventure, to do? Get your rear to Moab Utah and go for a paddleboard trip. Now we used to think the whole stand-up-paddle (SUP) scene was kind of mellow. But take a paddleboard on a river and you have whole new experience. Rather than the typical lake float that’s synonymous with a pontoon barge tour, river boarding can be challenging and really fun.

Because Montrose is still relatively cold in the spring, we’re highlighting Moab Utah since it’s the warmest destination near Montrose Colorado. The class I & II “Daily” section in Moab is the perfect place to elevate your paddle board skills to the next level.

The first river section to paddle is below Moab. You can paddle the Potash Road section (class I), which is akin to a moving lake with really cool views of sandstone canyons. This is great for those who have paddled on lakes and are looking for their first river paddle experience.

The second river section is located above Moab. You can paddle the more-intense class II section starting at Takeout Beach or Sandy’s beach (see river map). The class II run is below the Colorado River “Daily” section. Don’t get too cocky though, you need ninja level balance to not fall during the numerous rifles and rapids throughout this section. The water is warm and the outside temps are warmer starting late spring early summer, making falls in the water actually fun.shore-line-sandy-beach-moab-daily-sup-paddle

Hire a guide from Canyon Voyages if you’re not an expert. You can actually get hurt from falling on rocks and possibly drowning. Hire a guide who knows the river and who can outfit you with the boards, proper gear, and safety equipment.

With that said, this section is super fun and very scenic with 1,000′ cliffs above. This is a perfect spring trip, especially when you desert camp and head to Arches National Park or Canyonlands the next day. Moab Utah is only 3 hours from Montrose Colorado so go have some river fun and maybe get good enough to paddle the Uncompahgre River through Montrose?

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